iPhone Screen Repairs Done in 60 Minutes

Replacing broken, cracked or unresponsive iPhone screens is one of our most popular services and if you walk into our Chattanooga shop you’ll likely find our technicians hard at work delicately removing a broken LCD and installing a brand new screen for a customer any time of the day. Generally speaking, the best value for getting your cell phone screen fixed is through Apple Care since they can obviously get your first screen replacement done for $29+ tax and is technically an official sanctioned replacement. However if you’ve already used your freebie through Apple Care, or perhaps your warranty is expired our screens are OEM and rigorously tested before installation so a great option to extend the lifespan of your phone and keep it going.


Super Fast Repairs

Same day repairs is what we’re all about – we know everyone wants their phone back fast and to not have to survive using their dads flip phone. Bring in your phone and we can have the screen replaced and backed up by a solid warranty in under an hour.

Free Diagnosis

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your phone’s display and are wary of high diagnostic prices, then certainly feel free to give us a call. We always offer a free, transparent diagnosis where we will let you know what’s wrong with your phone, if we can repair it and what the cost and TAT will be. No confusion, and no surprise pricing.

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