Chattanooga iPhone Repairs

Everyone’s been there before – you never thought you’d crack your phone screen and before you know it you are staring down at a spider web crack on the front of your brand new iPhone 6S+. It sucks, but we’re here to get it fixed, fast and with a solid warranty for your peace of mind. Our professional technicians can replace the entire front display within 60 minutes and have you back on your feet with a functioning phone that’s been completely restored and backed up by a solid 60 day warranty. Apple’s own Apple Care warranties are a great starting point and are a no-brainer if you are looking for a cost-effective way to replace your iPhone screen however beyond two smashed screens, you may need to pay for an entirely new handset through your carrier which can be a headache. Further, if your Apple Care two hear extended warranty has expired, or you need your phone up and running faster, than third party cell phone repair in Chattanooga is where you want to focus. We use the same high quality parts on your phone that we do on our own phones and can get the job done within an hour in most instances. No need to ship the phone out of state or try to survive days without your phone, contacts or data.


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Professional Techs

All our technicians are professionally trained and hand picked by us to make sure they provide an excellent and 100% transparent customer service. Rest assured, your phone is in the hands of someone who really cares.

On-Site Repairs

Can’t make it into our Chattanooga location? We want you to have the most convenient repair experience possible and that’s why we offer on-site repairs for some of the most common issues. Give us a call and we can have a technician meet you at a location convenient to you and replace your phone screen, battery, or even home button.

Full Warranty

We stand behind all our work from the very diagnosis to the 60 days after our repair has been accomplished. Expect a quality experience from start to finish, and a free diagnosis regardless of where your phone stands.

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